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Thu 14th June 2018 : Brasserie des Grottes : BAG in Geneva

Sun 17th June 2018 : Place des Marronniers in Nyon

Sun 24th June 2018 : Nano Festival in Lonay

The Band

Initially At Eight is a music workshop born in 2008 created by Emmanuel and Alexandre Gatti, independent guitar teachers. Its purpose : To make music - the one that the participants liked - and to play it in public.

Since 2015, At Eight is a music band whose main focus is Blues. Composed of six amateur musicians from Nyon (Switzerland) and surroundings, different in their age, style and profession, the group is composed of bass, drums, guitars (3) and vocals.

From its beginnings and until today, the Workshop has given concerts both for the pleasure of friends and acquaintances as well as for popular events: Fete de la Musique, Associations, at the Nano Festival in Lonay or the BAG (Blues Association of Geneva) founded by JFM - Jean-Francois Matthieu, well-known musician of the Geneva scene.

At Eight remains open: keyboard, winds, brass, ... are welcome. Rehearsals are held in Gland on Thursday at 8 pm. - at eight o'clock, of course!